“The Editor’s Suite”

The space is divided, on both the interior and exterior, into a series of geometric volumes.

The door is in a recessed alcove, and the window casing protrudes from the west wall.

12021238 copy     12021287 copy

Around the corner, the box for the window becomes bay windows on the south wall.

Inside, there are built-in bookshelves and a desk in the space below the windows.

12021292 copy     12021274 copy

The east wall also has a bay window and built-in bookshelves.

editor suite copy     12021237 copy

12021207 copy     12021259 copy

The door opens into a small entrance area.

12021247 copy     12021228 copy

There’s an interior wall between the entrance and the main area, which divides the interior space and creates a series of ‘rooms’.

12021267 copy     12021240 copy


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